Book Review : Flawless By Tilly Bagshawe

“Set in the glittering world of international diamond dealing, FLAWLESS follows the fortunes of idealistic young designer Scarlett Drummond Murray as she battles her way through the snake pits of greed and corruption in the jewellery business.

From London to Beverly Hills, New York to Cape Town, Scarlett finds herself plunged into a world of ruthless mine owners, shady diamond dealers, and the stunningly beautiful women for whom they all compete, in business and in bed. All of them, in their different ways, are prepared to sell their souls and sacrifice everything in pursuit of that one, elusive, perfect stone, no matter what the cost.

But is Scarlett also destined to be blinded by the brilliance of the temptation that surrounds her? Or can she keep her nerve – and her principles – and make it to the top with her heart and her business still intact?” Blurb taken from Amazon

I love books by Tilly Bagshawe, I always find them a light read and quite interesting and it was the same with this one. As always the main theme of the book is romance and a “will they, won’t they get together”. This was predictable, but a lot of fun to read and interesting enough to keep turning the pages. Obviously with this being a romance book there is sex in it (not quite to 50 shades standard though!) If you’re looking for a light summer read to take away on holiday I’d really recommend this (and most of her books)

As always, let me know your thoughts if you have read it!

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