The Blog Tour Award


So I’ve been nominated to do the blog tour award by my beautiful friend Natalie over at Maybe Bach, you can read her blog tour here

The Award Rules:
Pass the tour on to at least four other bloggers.
Give your nominees the rules and specify the Monday in which they should post their nomination answers.
Answer the four questions about your creative processes, which allows other bloggers and visitors to understand what inspires you to do what you do.
Compose this one-time post on a specific Monday (date TBC by your nominator).

Question 1
How does your work differ from others in your genre?

I don’t really think my blog has a specific genre as I like to include a bit of everything, from beauty and fashion to life ramblings, but if I had to put a label on it it would be lifestyle. Obviously my lifestyle blog is different from others in my genre as my life is isn’t the same as other people, we all have our individual lives so therefore all our blogs are different. (I’m not sure if this makes complete sense but I know what I mean)

Question 2
How does your writing/ creative process work?

I like to jot ideas for posts down as I get them in my little blog planner I recently bought (Post here) but in terms of actual content I rarely plan it and just kind of go with the flow when I start writing. One of my favourite things to write are reviews on beauty products, and I also love to share my latest illustrations.

Question 3
Why do you write or create what you do?

Since I write about so many things it’s hard to pin point an exact answer. I like to write about beauty products as its a big interest of mine and I love to test new things. I like to share all my creative works like jewellery and illustrations because it’s always nice to hear other people opinions.

Question 4
What are you working on at the moment?

I have a couple of new illustrations to share, some ranty life posts, a lovely stuffed pepper recipe I’ve found and a couple of book reviews.

I nominate –

Confetti and curves

The Rose Beauty Files

Ellies Pretty Little Lessons

Ravishing Roses

You have until Monday the 13th guys 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Blog Tour Award

  1. Ooooh this was a wee surprise! Was so shocked to see my name!!!! lol Congrats on your award lovely & thank you sooo much for the nomination – so kind you thought of me 😀 Hope you’re keeping as well as can be *hugs* XXX

      1. Aaaawwh Laura you really are such a gem – can’t thank you enough! All well here huni, nothing major to report – no news is good news right?! lol Any further developments with your foot lovely? XXX

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