I had another x-ray….

… And this is the state of my foot, the left picture is when my toe was broken in March and the right picture is from the 18th June. (Read how I broke it here)


So this is totally deformed, but the hospital have just decided to leave it like this as its not causing me any pain. I’m not in pain and I’m back at work and stuff but what’s really worrying me is any future problems this will cause me. And in all honestly I’m pretty pissed off that the hospital put me through two operations that didn’t work. But it could be worse I guess. If anyone else has been through something similar please let me know 🙂

9 thoughts on “I had another x-ray….

  1. Really wish I could help in some way or know someone who could offer you advice but I don’t 🙁 Honestly this is just awful, those pics are beyond belief… to go through those ops for no positive outcome as to future prospects is very disheartening – really hope you find someone that can help advise!!! Karen X

    1. Its OK. I can walk and work that’s all I want 🙂 if it starts to hurt I’ll go to a different hospital and ask them to rebreak and set it. Thank you for your lovely comments Karen ❤ lucky to have someone who cares about my wellbeing 🙂 x

      1. Oh gosh – re-break it!? That sounds so darn drastic 🙁 Cannot believe the issues that have arisen over that girl stumbling with her heels (if memory serves me right) At the very least, thank goodness you’re not in pain!! <3 XXXXXX

          1. Thought so I hope you reported it to the bar huni – especially after the injury you’ve incurred 🙁 Ridiculous it didn’t have a rail – hopefully this prompts them to get one fast!!! XXX

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