Heaven Scented Bath Bombs Review

So in my mission to find more hidden treasures from small businesses on Facebook I came across the bath bomb company Heaven Scented (you can find them on Facebook here)

They had some beautiful sounding smells so I went ahead and ordered these bath bombs. The bombs were £2 each for a 60mm bomb. They arrived really quickly and I found the owner so lovely to speak you and very polite. What struck me with these is how strong the smells were and how true to the label they were. I ended up giving the angel star to my sister as it was a bit too perfumey for my taste, but the other smell absolutely gorgeous!
So I dropped the Raspberry Crush one into my bath and it smelt amazing. I loved that it fizzed properly and for ages too. My only issues with this one is that the glitter stuck round the side of my bath, but this was easily rinsed, since these are all made from scratch though next time I’d ask for it without glitter

I can’t recommend this company enough! Let me know if you try them out!

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