Creating Cut Off Denim Shorts

I have a uni reunion next Friday with all my old housemates and I’ve been outfit hunting for ages! I bought a pair of high waisted denim shorts from Boohoo but I wasn’t too keen on the length of them, they seemed far too long. So I decided to put my fashion degree to some use and chop them up 🙂

 2015-06-01_21.00.571- so these were the shorts before I did anything to them

2- I measured from the inside crotch of a pair of shorts I already owned to get the desired length

3- I then marked this on my new shorts using tailors chalk

4 – I used a pattern master to ensure a straight line all the way around


5 – I then cut along the line and repeated for the other leg

6 – This is what the shorts looked like after both legs were cut

7 – I then ran them under my sewing machine using a straight stitch and 1.5 cm seam allowance to stop all the fabric fraying too much

8 – The shorts after being sewn.

2015-06-01_21.04.43And this is the finished product! I’m going to fray them a little more when I can be bothered, and I’ll do an outfit post when I wear them 🙂 Has anyone else ever tried this?

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