Situations Involving Ex Boyfriends. What Would You Do?

Don’t you just hate them! So this is following an interesting conversation I had with my friend about what to do when you know someone’s partner has been sending inappropriate messages to another person.

Do you just leave it and not get involved or would you go and tell the partner.

A bit of background on this (this will get confusing so I’ll label the people!), the person who was sending the texts was an ex boyfriend (A), who has now been with his new girlfriend (B) a year. He was sending the text messages to an ex girlfriend (C) for the first 9 months of his new relationship with B.

A and  C had been together for four years previously in a not so great relationship, and during that relationship he had also sent inappropriate messages to B along with several other girls. After C found out she confronted B who agreed to meet up and apologised etc. So moving on a few months after A+C split , A+B get together. During this time A is still messaging C lots of inappropriate & emotional things and never once mentions that he has a new girlfriend. The first C knows of this is when she saw a tagged Facebook status celebrating their 1st year together.

So here’s the dilemma would you tell the current girlfriend, because she had the decency to speak to you and meet you and apologise when she was in your shoes? Or would you just leave it and just let sleeping dogs lie and avoid all the drama, but still have it on your conscience.

I’ll not tell you guys what mine and my friends opinions were I’ll let you make your own mind up.  I’m really interested to hear people different opinions on this as it’s quite a controversial one so leave me comments 🙂

It’s back to beauty in the next post as I have some lovely bits and bobs to review.

7 thoughts on “Situations Involving Ex Boyfriends. What Would You Do?

  1. Can I just say (A) really needs to sort himself out – in my humble opinion neither of these ladies deserve this treatment. Personally if I was (C) I would have to discretely approach (B) and inform her as to what’s going on, otherwise she is being made a complete fool off behind her back. If I was (B) I’d rather find this out sooner that waste any more of my time with (A)sshole X

  2. I think B needs to know. A is obviously not a trust worthy person and the chance of a repeat performance is high. She shouldn’t waste any more of her time with him. He deserves to be alone until he grows up a bit and learns to control himself xx

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