Follow Your Dream By Patricia Burns Review


“She was following her dream. And I’m going to do the same. I’m going to be a dancer. ”

“In January 1947, Lillian’s Aunty Eileen escaped their family’s grim Southend boarding house to find her own path. Now Lillian’s gran rules the family with an iron fist and Lillian, the youngest, is no better than a slave. She takes comfort from her Aunty Eileen’s example, knowing that she will one day leave and become a dancer.

As the austere Forties give way to the excitement of the “never had it so good” Fifties, Lillian joins a touring company, dancing in the chorus line. Her dream is so close she can touch it. The only thing missing is James Kershaw, who Lillian thinks is the love of her life, but who regards her as no more than a little sister.When a family crisis demands her return to Southend, and to James, Lillian starts to think – is it time to find a new dream to follow?”

I first attempted to read this book a couple of months ago but lost interest pretty quickly. However I picked it up again for a long train journey and got really into it. It’s quite a girly romantic book, but without being too much. Nothing really dramatic happens throughout the story, expect for the end (but I’ll not spoil it for you!). If you like romantic fiction, this would be a good book to go for, as it’s pretty easy reading but still interesting enough to keep you on your toes.

I probably wouldn’t read this again, not because I didn’t enjoy it (because I did!), but because you can pick up everything from the story by reading it once, it isn’t complex at all. I would read another one of Patricia Burns books though, if anybody has any recommendations ?

Has anybody read this or other books by this author?

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