Payday Primark Haul

Payday is definitely my favourite day! I needed a load of new stuff for work and general everyday wear so I took a trip to Primark and the whole lot cost me about £100



Grey Jumper : £5.00 & Skirt : £8.00.

I picked up the skirt because I thought it makes a change from the usual dark blue/ black skirts I wear, same with the jumper, I normally grab cream or white ones.

Top £1.00!! (I can’t remember what price this was reduced from). I’m so pleased with the top, and I genuinely can’t believe something that pretty was only a pound.

 I’ve worn these all together and they look really cute. I’ll do an outfit post with them soon 🙂


Black leggings £3 each. These are just the basics I grabbed for work. I’m actually really surprised with the quality of the leggings, I’ve heard Primark leggings are a bit naff but these are really good. For £3 you can’t really go wrong

Jeans £7 each. I normally have a problem with Primark jeans, and I have to get a 14 to fit my hips (I can be anything from a size 6 to a 14 in Primark, go figure that one out!) , but I have really slim legs, so even the skinny jeans are baggy. However I got these ones in a 12 and they fit perfectly! I’m really pleased with them, I got a blue and a black pair, but I’m thinking of going back for some more colours, before the sizes go all inconsistent again!

Basic vest tops £2.00 each. Again just basics, perfect for layering.


Make up bag £3. I love love love this make up bag! Anyone who follows me on facebook/twitter/instagram knows I’m obbsessed with spotty things, so much so I even built a brand around them. I don’t know what I’ll use this bag for yet, but it was just so pretty and for £3 its a steal!

Pj set : £8. The PJ’s are so so nice! Really comfortable and again a steal for the price they were 🙂


Necklace : £3. I just bought this because I thought it was cute and would go with so much I have, I never really spend that much on jewellery as I make it myself, and I also lose it a lot. So Primark is one of my favourite places to buy as it’s so cheap.

Bag £22.99. I cheated a little with this bag, it’s actually from New Look not Primark. I’ve been looking for a new bag for ages since the lining came out of my other one. I spotted a nice one in Accessorize, but I thought it was a little expensive, and with Christmas etc coming up I couldn’t really justify spending that much on a bag. So this New Look one is a cute compromise until after christmas, and again goes with loads of stuff I already have.

7 IMG_20141027_115718

Boots £18.00 . I really didn’t want to buy boots from Primark, as all the boot’s I’ve bought from there before have fallen apart pretty quickly. But I went round every single shop and couldn’t find anything I like until I found these. So for £18.00 I figure if they don’t last its not the end of the world. They’re doing pretty well so far though 🙂

What do you guys think? Bought anything nice recently?

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