Polka Dot Teapot Gifts For Christmas : Illustrations And Prints

A quick post to show off some on the pretty personalised things you can buy from us for Christmas. I think it’s about time to say the C word now right?

You can comment on here if you are interested, email me at polkadotteapotdesigns@gmail or message me at www.facebook.com/polkadotteapotdesigns

To look at a full collection of work just visit the facebook page!

IMG_20141022_130754 IMG_20140831_222841 IMG_20140821_213231 1544544_10152298289880081_5620536544604645963_n IMG_20140528_150727 IMG_20140722_182510

For a watercolour fashion illustration, prices start at £10.00 for A4 size and vary depending on size, detail etc. I can do any theme of these and can even do them personalised to resemble you! If you have a friend who is super into fashion a personalised one of these would make a great unique gift!

Image dancersepia IMG_20140719_185259 Image (102) Image (97) Image (78) 3 x colour 24x36

I also offer lots of different prints of my illustrations, and of pretty edits to my illustrations. For example this fashion timeline. Price is depended on the type and size of print.

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