Vivo Cosmetics Trio Eye-shadow and Radiance Highlighter


So for ages I’ve been getting newsletter emails from a company called Vivo Cosmetics. I don’t remember ever signing up to these, they just seemed to appear one day. The other week I noticed they had free shipping on all orders, so I decided after all this time getting their emails, I’d finally try them out.

I didn’t want to buy a lot in case I wasn’t keen so I decided to go for the Radiance Boost Highlighter (£2.69), and the Trio Eye-shadow Palette in Innocence (£3.19).


I don’t really like the highlighter, I find the formula far too pink, and far too thick, and I definitely wouldn’t use it to highlight my face. Instead I’ve been using it under my eyes, before I put my foundation on as the pink colour is pretty good for dark circles. I generally put on my foundation after applying this under my eyes, and then apply a lighter concealer and it works a lot better.

However I do really like the eye-shadow palette. I really like the packaging (travel friendly!) and the colours are great for everyday. They take a little bit of building to get a strong pigment, but other then that I have no complaints about this. I think I’ll definitely purchase the other colours in this.

Have you ever tried Vivo? What did you think?

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