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So finally having a couple of hours after work to kill (in between my lovely 9 shifts in a row) I had another wonder into my local factory shop and came back with these bargains. 🙂

IMG_20141007_152747 IMG_20141007_170510

I’m re-purchasing the Olay make up remover and the Argan Oil mask because I love them so much (They’ll be in this months empties most likely if you guys want a review) and I got both of them for £3!

The hand wash and the Treacle Moon shower gel (which both smell absolutely lush) I’ve never tried before but I’ve heard really good things about treacle moon so I’m excited to try it.

The set of the lip balms (£2 for 3) also smell absolutely beautiful and I’ve already had a sneaky try of these. The last lip balm I bought from the factory shop was really greasy, but these are so much better. Perfect for my handbag!

IMG_20141007_154112This is my favourite purchase of the day. The Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden “Brightening Facial In A Box” This should have cost £16.50 but I got it for £6. The set claims to be a “30 minute step-by-step pampering treatment to enhance your skin for a radiant glow” The set contains a moisture boosting mask, a polishing hot cloth cleanser (with muslin cloth), eye gel, radiance defoliator and an illuminating moisturiser. These are all minis but I think if I could probably make them last a while. Also if I like these I’ll buy the full size items. I can’t believe the price difference between these the Factory Shop and boots! They also have a few other Sanctuary Spa bits in their which I’m so tempted to go back and get.

You guys found any bargains lately?

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