September Empties

I know it has been forever since I blogged, life got in the way, but today I have my September empties post. And without sounding totally weird, I can’t wait to have this post done so I can finally throw all these away.


Winter in Venice Ruby Grapefruit Lotion – I’ve had this for about a year and a half only using it every now and again because I wanted to make it last forever! The lotion itself isn’t anything special but the smell is amazing! I got this in a set as a gift and I’ve looked this brand up on the internet and they seem to only sell gift sets, so this is definitely one for the Christmas list!

MUA Sweet Kiss Lipbalm – I think this cost me something like £1, I’d definitely buy this again. It’s a little sticky but quite nice to wear and you get a lot of product for £1.

 Radox Fresh Aqua Deodorant – Typical deodorant scenario, bought on offer and I’d buy again if it was on offer 🙂

Skin Therapy Wipes- I picked these up because they were cheap at Wilkinson’s and will not be using them again! They made my skin feel really dry and irritated and didn’t do a fantastic job of getting my make up off.


Umberto Giannini Shampoo and conditioner – I’ve had this since Christmas and have been doing my best to make it last. I love love love this stuff! It’s on the pricey side so I wouldn’t use it all the time but if you have damaged hair I’d really recommend this. My favourite shampoo and conditioner ever.

V05 Truly nourish shampoo- This was another thing I bought on offer with conditioner and finished way after the conditioner. It’s nothing really fantastic, but it does smell nice and I’d buy it again if it was on offer.


Dirty Works Body Scrub- This is a Sainsburys brand which is quite affordable, and a great alternative for some of the more expensive scrubs. Its like a gel with little sugar beads in which means it isn’t too harsh on your skin, and this bottle lasted me about 2 months. Picking this up again next time I go shopping 🙂

Palmolive Naturals Shower Creme – I picked this up because it was really cheap for the huge bottle. It’s lasted me ages but I’m not really that keen on the smell, it was a little sickly for me and if i do buy this brand again, it definitely won’t be this scent.


Superdrug Hair Sprays – I like the little one of these because it’s perfect for travelling, and for what the big one cost, you get a lot of product. Because they are cheap they aren’t the best hair sprays but they’re ok if you don’t use a lot like me. I’ll be buying these again.

L’Oreal Hot and Smooth Spray – This is ok, towards the end it wasn’t spraying very well, and to be honest it didn’t keep my hair sleek for three days which the bottle promises.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – This is meant to give your hair volume and make it wild. What it actually does is tangle your hair and make it stick together in clumps. Will not be buying this again!

What have you used up this month?

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