Jessup Make Up Brush Review

So today I have a quick make up brush review for you guys (and also a plea for help!)


I bought this set a couple of months back from Ebay and they were fairly cheap, I can’t remember the exact price but I think they were around £10 for both sets, they won’t be too difficult to find on Ebay. I got the face brush set and the eye brush set. I’m not going to go through each brush in detail, I’ll just sum up the good and bad points about this brand.

The best thing about these brushes are that they are easy to wash (I wash them with warm water and handwash). Product doesn’t cling or stain, they keep their shape and stay soft. For the quality they are they are a decent price and the eye brushes especially hold a lot of product making them easy to work with.

However what really lets these brushes down (especially the face brushes) are that they are not sturdy at all. Two of the big brushes have fallen off the handle and the other two are coming loose which is really disappointing. They are also starting to shed a little.

I’d recommended these brushes on price and quality, but be prepared for the larger ones to come away from the handle, I’ve seen other bloggers mention this.

Which brings me onto my plea for help! I’m looking for some new brushes which aren’t too prices but won’t fall apart. any recommendations?

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