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Hello lovely readers 🙂 Today I have a fashion inspired book post for you. I was inspired to do this post when I realised it was September (already?!) and all the students would be going to/back to university. It got me thinking about my time at uni (I graduated 2 years ago!) and the books I found useful during the course, and in some cases after. I don’t know about anyone else’s fashion course, but starting mine was very pricey and came with a hefty reading list (Some useful some really not) So I thought by putting together this post, it may help a few of you 🙂


The Dressmakers Technique Bible by Lorna Knight

I actually bought this book after uni after I saw it cheaply on-line,I really wish I had this during though! It’s so useful! The book covers quite a lot from the essential sewing tools, how to adapt patterns, manipulate patterns, and how to do techniques such as waistbands, hems etc. There’s also a lot of photographs and imagery in this book which is super helpful, and very clear instructions. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who sews. Another little thing I really love about this book is it’s size, it’s a little bigger then A5 which means it’s easy to carry around and has a ring-binder finish, which means it easily stays open so you can pop it right next to your machine and not have to try and keep the pages open.


Fashion Design Course by Steven Faerm

This is my favourite fashion book, it pretty much sums up my entire three year course in 140 pages, I could have saved myself a fortune if I’d bought this before uni! 😉 This is the book that inspired me and gave me the motivation to carry on designing and making after a pretty horrific university experience, and I enjoyed it that much I emailed the author to tell him and received a lovely reply back. The book covers everything from the commercial aspects of fashion, inspiration, mood-boards, design and manufacture. An essential for any fashion student. 


Figure Drawing For Fashion Design by Elisabetta Drudi and Tiziana Paci

I know every designer will develop their own style of illustration but this is a great book for learning the basics. It provides you with techniques on how to draw figure poses, templates and also detailed working drawings of garments on detailing such as collars cuffs etc. I don’t use this book much now but do occasional refer back to it. Great for beginners and you can probably find a cheap copy on Ebay.


Pattern Making For Fashion Designs by Helen Joseph Armstrong

This was one of the books on my reading list, the most expensive but well worth it. It retails around £60 but I picked mine up second hand on Ebay for around £25 . This book is like the bible of pattern cutting, It’s so detailed and covers pretty much everything you could ever want to know about pattern cutting, even children’s clothing. Fashion students this should be first on your shopping list.



Fashion Illustration Inspiration and Technique by Anna Kiper.

I found this book on sale in the works for £4.99 and it’s one of my all time favourites. I find myself constantly looking at this because of the beautiful artwork. This focus’s less on on the technical side and more on illustration techniques such has how to use different media and how to draw garment detailing. My favourite thing about this book is instruction on how to create different textures and fabric in your illustrations such as chiffon, sparkle and satin. I’ve tried a couple of these techniques and it adds a totally new look to my work 🙂

I hope you fashion students to be (and anyone else) have enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ll be buying any of these, or if you have any recommendations. I have a couple more posts for fashion students ready to publish so let me know if you’ve enjoyed this and if you guys would like to see more 🙂

Have a lovely day! 

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