Decoupage Storage Jars

Hello again! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I was a busy bee yesterday making these cute storage jars. (and if you don’t follow me on Instagram the button is right over there —> 😉 just saying!)

IMG_20140903_154508I’ve been wanting to oorganise my pencils for ages, because I’m kind of sad like that, and I’ve been saving jars from anywhere and everywhere. It’s really easy to make these, all you need is the following- 

IMG_20140903_142142Some pretty covering of your choice – I’d recommended something quite thin as it shapes round the jar better

An empty jar (a good excuse to get eating lots of food!)

An old paintbrush

Glue – I’m using wood adhesive as it’s what I had in, but PVA should be fine.

IMG_20140904_140352Step 1 – Cover the jar in the glue of your choice, and wrap the paper around it one side at a time. When you reach the end of the jar, trim of the excess if necessary and then use the glue to secure the end of the paper.




IMG_20140904_141349Step 2 – Stand the jar on it’s head and glue the bottom, fold the paper in and put a thin layer of glue on the top to secure.

IMG_20140904_141417tep 3 – Do the same with the top of the jar, adding more paper to cover the top if needed.

IMG_20140904_135339Step 4 – Cut any type of decoration you want to make the top look pretty.

And here’s the end result – easy as that! What did you think to this tutorial? Will you be having a go?

IMG_20140903_153726 IMG_20140903_153625 IMG_20140904_172510



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