Collection 2000 Work The Colour : Sonic Blue



So today I have a short but sweet review for you all!


I purchased this nail varnish the other day in Superdrug, it should have been £2.00 but they have an offer on at the minute so all of this collection is £1.50 🙂

I picked up this colour as it’s quite different to anything I’ve got and I love how bold it is.


This is how the colour looks after two coats. As you can see it is as bold as it looks! However I’m quite disappointed with this product, I found the texture far too gloopy (Is that even a word?) and it took ages to dry. Even after it had dried, it was still catching imprints such as fingerprints etc.

It’s such a shame the actual texture isn’t great because the colours are  lovely! I probably won’t get another one of these though, I’ll be looking for similar colours in different brands.

Have you ever tried this before?

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