My First Make Up Revolution Haul

So I’ve been out of the beauty loop a little while, so this this brand is going to be old news for some, but I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and purchased some Make Up Revolution Goodies 🙂


My order originally totalled £33.50 and because it was over £30.00 I received free postage, and then I used a discount code to knock the price down to £25.12! Bargain! This was delivered fairly quickly, in so much bubble-wrap so nothing was damaged 🙂


Left to right-

Ultra Face Base Foundation in 04 Pink Tone £3.00 – This is quite a lightweight foundation and doesn’t offer a lot of coverage. When I wore this I actually topped it up using my Rimmel one. However this is quite nice for summer, and was a good match for my skin-tone.

Ultra Face Base Primer £5.00 – I really like the texture of this, whereas other primers have tried have more of a moisturiser texture, this is more like a gel which is a lot nicer.

Liquid Concealer in Fair £1.50. This was an ok concealer, needs a few layers and not the best I’ve ever tried but handy to pop in your handbag.


Ultra Bronze Shimmer and Highlight £4.00 – I’ve never actually tried a bronzer before so this was totally new for me. I really like the fact this has three shades and the size of the product for £4.00 is fantastic.

Powder Blush in Treat £1.00 – I’d seen some really good reviews for this on YouTube so I thought I’d give this shade a go. Obviously it’s an awesome price and is decent quality. I’d probably pick up a lighter shade next time, because I’m so pale this takes a decent bit of blending.


Iconic 3 Palette £4.00 – I fell in love with these colours as soon as I saw them! I haven’t  done swatches these as I can’t decent light, but if you look around on other blogs they have some fab ones. The only criticism I have with this palette is combined with the primer the shadows seems to turn very chalky and won’t apply properly, but without they are fine.


Baked Eye-shadow in Bang Bang £2.50. I’ve only swatched these so far but they are super pigmented! I can’t wait until I have a chance to wear this.


Amazing Liquid Eye-liner Black £1.50 – I do like this eyeliner however it is very wet! You have to keep your eye closed to let it dry. This caused me a total nightmare when I was trying to get ready and I had to take my make up and start again.

Kajal £2.00 – I mainly bought this because it looked interesting, to be honest I didn’t know what it was meant to do and I still don’t. It’s not great


Left to Right

Amazing Lip Gloss in Hot £1.00

Amazing Lip Gloss in Natural Pink £1.00

Amazing Lip Gloss in Nude £1.00

I really like how these are not too sticky and stay on fairly well. For £1.00 these are such good value!


Left to Right

Amazing Lipstick In Passion £1.00

Amazing Lipstick In Dare £1.00

Amazing Lipstick In Dazzle £1.00

Amazing Lipstick In Nude £1.00

I love love love these lipsticks! So pretty and pigmented, also the staying power is awesome. The only thing that is really annoying me is the lids keep falling off meaning if they are in my bed they’re getting covered in bits. Regardless I’d still recommend them!


Nail Polish Top and Base Coat £1.00

Nail Polish “Take Me” £1.00

I’ve only tried the purple one so far, such a pretty colour but takes forever to dry and I ended up with it all smudged!

And here’s a picture of me wearing most of the products!


I hope you guys enjoyed this, what’s your favourite Make Up Revolution Product? Any recommendation?

2 thoughts on “My First Make Up Revolution Haul

  1. I brought some the other day, literally just put a post up about it too! Great minds 🙂 I brought the blush too, really good! And the Eyeshadow palette is amazing for the price x

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