DIY Fashion: Little Red Dress

Hello lovely readers 🙂 So today I thought I’d finally get around to doing the fashion DIY post I promised. I was getting pretty bored of my clothes and couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear out, so I picked up my scissors and ended up with this.


I haven’t changed it too drastically, but I love the end result!


Firstly I put the dress on my manniquin (who is a size 8-10) and marked how much I wanted to take off the neckline. I made sure both sides were equal by measuring from the down from the shoulder seam and across from the side panel seem. I sketched the curved bit out using tailors chalk and chopped making sure to blend in with the current neckline.

20140801_165928 20140801_170910

I then went to the sides and measured from the waist and side seams, then from the middle of the vertical line, to create a diamond shaped cut out. When cutting out I made sure to pop in two pins on the seams to stop any unstitiching.

I then went round all the uncut pieces about 0.5 cms in to stop any fraying. I then took my black lace and slowly sewed all around the  new neckline. The trickiest bit was trying to sew lace around the side panels and not catch the other fabric.

And here is the finished result!


Add a statement necklace (and a stick on bra because I cut the holes a little too high!) and you’re ready to go. I’ll make sure to take pictures next time I wear this!

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