Sexist Pigs In Doncaster.

So I did have a lovely DIY fashion post today, but instead there’s something else I wanted to rant about and I’m still so angry about it! Also apologies for the language in this post.

So me, my two besties and my friends little sister (who has just turned 18) decided to go out for a night of cocktails and dancing in Doncaster. I don’t know what some of the men in town had been drinking that night but there was some pretty vile behaviour going on.

Getting off the train and walking into town, some random bloke decided to try and hug my friend, even though we had no idea who he was. Just no.

Then after that moron had taken the hint we passed another group of men, one pretty plastered one decided it would be a great idea to pick me up in a firemans lift and run down the street with me. I told him no when he tried it the first time, he ignored me and did it anyway. He was laughing I was screaming at him to put me down on a packed street, it was totally humiliating although all his Neanderthal friends thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. When the moron did eventually drop me down I twisted my foot and felt like a total idiot. On the bright side at least I was wearing shorts and not a dress.

I was, and still am angry over this. I told the idiot no, and he still picked me up. Why did he think that was ok? It might have been funny for him and his friends but I was left feeling embarrassed and with a twisted ankle, although I suppose I should be thankful that the drunken prat didn’t drop me on my head. I think he needs to pick up a dictionary and find out the meaning of the word no!

So after almost getting kidnapped, we finally made it to the first bar for cocktails. So we were quite happy dancing away (badly) to whatever it was, some guy walked past and lifted my friends skirt up.He actually walked past, grabbed both sides of her skirt and lifted it so you could see her pants. Seriously who does this? Creepy horrible pervert.

Unbelievably that wasn’t even the worst part of the night, after we got shot of the skirt lifting idiot, my two friends decided to go to the toilet (in pairs as girls do) leaving me with her little sister (who has just turned 18).  After they left a man came over (mid 30’2-40’s about 6ft tall and weighed about 25 stone. It’s worth pointing out that my friends little sister is was about 5:1 and a petite little thing) and tried to put his arm round her. When she moved away and said no I don’t know you, he walked off muttering that she was a “Fucking slag”. She turned away to talk to me, and he decided to come over again and start screaming in her face how it was only “crack” and “banter” and that she was a “fucking little slag”. My friends sister didn’t even retaliate she was that shocked that someone had come over and started shouting abuse at her because she refused to let them have their arm round her. At this point I stepped between them and told him to leave because nobody was interested in what he had to say. He informed me that I was “an ugly bitch and looked like a man” (so charming!) and went away, only to decide he’d thought of something else to say and start throwing more abuse. I don’t think he particularly liked the fact I wasn’t scared of him so he was trying even more intimidate her, to the point where she was in tears because she was so frightened.

And during all this, the bar staff stood and watched him get more and more aggressive. The bar wasn’t busy and it was very obvious that there was a confrontation going on and they just stood there. It wasn’t until we spoke to the bouncer outside that he was removed, and even then he stood their trying to justify himself. Needless to say we left and moved onto a different bar.

I can’t believe the attitudes of some of these men! We went out to have cocktails and dance, not to be manhandled, abused and have skirts lifted up (I haven’t even included all the catcalling and arse slapping). What makes me angry is the way they acted like it was their right, especially the horrible animal who screamed abuse at us. It’s not ok to harass random girls, or frighten a young girl that much she cries just because she rejected you. It’s also pretty hilarious how they somehow think that’s what girls find attractive. It’s not, it’s vile and ugly. I seriously do not understand how they can justify it, we weren’t wearing anything particularly attention grabbing or revealing (and if we were so bloody what? It still doesn’t give them the right to put their hands all over us!), we didn’t even speak or make eye contact with them.We went for a girls night out, not to be treated like pieces of meat. How would they feel if that was their daughters!

That being said after this we still had a pretty good night, dancing and singing rather badly to frozen. And before anybody jumps down my throat, I’m not saying this is all men or all men in Doncaster, I know it’s not the majority.

So that concludes my rather ranty post and I promise my next post will be more cheerful. Have you ladies had any similar experiences? Please share them!

3 thoughts on “Sexist Pigs In Doncaster.

  1. Hi, I live in Doncaster myself which is why I stumbled upon your blog. Was this Saturday the 2nd? I only ask because I noticed as I passed by the racecourse that the races were on and although I don’t go out on Saturdays much in Doncaster this was always pretty much the worst night to go out. These idiots have been drinking all day and just can’t handle it. Disgusting behaviour. I’m glad you gave him what for!

    1. Yes it was. Yeah I think the races were on but a lot left on the last train I think so it wasnt as busy. its vile isn’t it! Horrible bully. Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

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