June/July Empties

So today I have an empties post for you! I decided to combine June and July as there wasn’t a lot for either month, and this way I can justify a post on it. 🙂


Yes, that is a lot of hairspray. I haven’t used them all this month though I promise!

Boots – A very strong alcoholic scent, not pleasant when your in a small room, also slightly sticky and dried my hair out.

 Superdrug – This one was better, nothing special but I’d buy again just because it’s so cheap

Umberto Giannini – Loved this! had a really lovely sweet scent to it, and didn’t make my hair feel yucky. I also have his shampoo and conditioner which is so lush. Pricey but I’d recommend 🙂


I mainly buy shampoos and conditioners when they’re on offer so I can get a set. (although I always run out of conditioner first, anyone else do this?). These were ok, standard Herbal Essences, smelt beautiful but nothing special. I only really buy these because they are on offer.


My favourite hand-wash ever! This is actually intended for children (probably why I like it) and smells of sweeties! More specifically strawberry laces. Its also quite gentle on the hands and doesn’t dry them out like a lot of hand-washes do. Definitely will be buying this again.


Superdrug swinging 60’s body wash : I bought this because the name caught my eye, also I think it was on offer. I can’t decide whether I like the smell or not to be honest. I probably won’t buy again.

Palomolive Mediterranean Moments – Standard body-wash, nothing too spectacular, I don’t really like the smell either, it’s too mild for me. I prefer body washes with a strong fruity scent.

Soap and Glory Scrub of your life – My favourite body scrub! I love most soap and glory products as the smell like sweeties! (sensing a pattern here) I like this one too because it’s not too harsh like a lot of scrubs are, it’s like micro-beads in a gel which is a lot gentler on the skin.


I hate having odd shampoos! This was from a set but I finished the conditioner first 🙁 I found an argon oil conditioner which was perfect for using with all the odd shampoo dregs I had left over, so finally I can say goodbye to all those annoying half empty bottles! As a shampoo this is nothing special, and didn’t make much of a difference to my hair. I’ll probably only buy this again if it’s on offer.


I love this cleansing milk. It’s such a fantastic make up remover and really gentle. I use this more then wipes, as I find them harsh and irritating. If you have dry skin I’d really recommend this as an alternative to make up wipes! I’ve already re-purchased this 😉

What have you guys used up this month? Any recommendations?

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