Turns Out I Actually Like Camping!

So the weekend just gone I went camping for the first time ever, excluding going with family when I was younger. The event was a BMW Z4 owners club drive in the Lake District, and I was invited along by my friend. Basically it was a big meet up of all these owners from a forum. I’m not really a car person, so I got a little stuck on all the car talk, but everyone was lovely.

The weekend mainly consisted of alcohol (after the driving of course) food and driving in a huge BMW convoy of about 30 cars round the lake district. Those poor other drivers on the road stopping to let one out and end up waiting for 30 cars. Whoops.

We got pretty lucky with the weather, it was sunny most of the time and only rained Saturday night. The camp site we stayed at was called Watersedge Campsite , and I’d really recommend it. It’s pretty and the showers a decent (nice and warm) and they have an onsite bar which does the nicest cider.

I only managed a few pictures while we were driving, (it’s very hard to take pictures with the roof off and trying to stop your phone blowing away!)

20140712_145758 20140712_145750 20140713_125401 20140713_125348 20140712_145801 20140712_145756 20140712_145744

I know this is a random post, but I just enjoyed the weekend so much I thought I might as well. Has anyone else ever been to this campsite?


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