A Little Rant On The Magaluf Girl Situation

I’m not normally one for joining in big Twitter debates but this one really really pissed me off. 

If you don’t know who the Magaluf Girl is, then just follow the hash-tag on Twitter, be prepared for lots of “slut shaming”, abuse and misogynistic comments towards the girl if you do.

Basically The Sun or some other newspaper published a picture of a girl who had performed a sex act on 24 for men in exchange for a free drink (although it’s said that she thought she was winning a holiday) along with the title “Magalewd” and then twitter blew up.

What gets me most about this, is the amount of “slut shaming” I’ve seen on Twitter from a lot other females? Really girls? Yes what she did is pretty gross (and very unhygienic) but instead of throwing abuse at her why are you not questioning why the males in the video aren’t receiving this kind of abuse? I think its so sad that a lot women are jumping in on this sheep mentality and hurling abuse, why are we so quick to judge the girl? Why not all the boys wafting their bits about, are they not just as disgusting? Or the party organiser? or all the people who recorded it and did nothing, or even the girls friends who just left her to it? Every single one of these people are on par with her, so why is everyone focusing on her? Playground bullying mentality which could lead to tragic consequences.

Technically she didn’t even do anything wrong, she was 18 and an adult, so she can do as she likes. I don’t agree with it, but that’s just my opinion, I think it’s pretty grim and very unhygienic. I also think it’s irresponsible to put yourself in a position where you could catch anything. I don’t agree with what she did but I do feel sorry for her. I’m sure everyone has made some very questionable decisions when your young and alcohol has been involved, but most people have never been splashed across a national newspaper for it. 

I know shocking news sells, but I find the fact that a newspaper have gone out of their way to hunt and shame a young girl and the amount of abuse she’s getting online a lot more vile then what she did. She wasn’t actually hurting anyone, but all these strangers are going out of their way to publicly hang a girl they don’t know.

I know I don’t normally post stuff like this, and I’ve probably pissed a lot of people off, but this has been bugging me for days. I just cannot get over the attitudes of a lot of other girls I’ve seen on twitter. Instead of slut shaming, how about stop encouraging misogynistic behaviour and turning the situation on its head and ask why are the boys “lad’s” whereas she’s a whore?



4 thoughts on “A Little Rant On The Magaluf Girl Situation

  1. I think they all should be shamed and the municipality of that area in Spain should enact a few laws to prevent these things from happening.

    Although it may not have been the case in this instance, public sex is a problem because it forces people into a sexual situation without their consent. Moreover, the public is made up of a lot of different individuals. Some have been raped or sexually abused as children, and public sex can trigger PTSD for them. That can lead to violence, suicide or, at the very least, a few days of hell for the person. Just because she was 18 doesn’t mean she can do anything she wants without consequences to others around her.

    Finally, when someone does things in public or what they do is publicized, they will be criticized, no matter the situation. And people love to exercise their freedom of speech on the net. Unfortunately, they fall into the age old pattern of slut shaming because it’s just so easy to do. The next time, get some footage of the jerks who were involved and we can include them in the slut shaming fun.

    1. I didn’t mean she could do what she wants as she was 18 I was just making the point that legally shes classed as an adult. I do agree with you about the public sex, its shouldn’t have happened. Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  2. I agree, it’s disgusting but the response has been like a kind of hate campaign, and no one deserves that! No one seems to be slating the boys that all participated in it either.. I personally think that’s equally as disgusting as they all would of known what was occurring! I won’t even start on what I think of the paper for stooping so low to even publish such a thing.

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