New Purse From Nouveau Boutique

IMG_20140606_173553 IMG_20140606_173626

Isn’t it pretty! I got this from a local boutique in Thorne which has just opened called Nouveau Boutique. It’s full of lovely pretty things and the owner is super nice! (and they have sweeties on the counter!) Check out the facebook page here 🙂

This only cost £5.99 and also came in orange. another reason I love Nouveau Boutique is because I got it in a box and it was all wrapped in tissue paper and came in a lovely shiny bad. Very pretty woman!

I mainly picked this up because of all the lovely colours on the inside, lots of space for loyalty cards (if you end up with loads like me) and a little change pocket at the back.

Bargain for £5.99, I’ll definitely be going back to buy some more things!

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