A Pretty Little Primark Haul

So I went shopping for the first time in ages the other day! I didn’t buy a lot, as there wasn’t a lot taking my fancy, but I did get a few cute little summer bits from Primark that I thought I’d share. 🙂


I’ve been wanting a lace crop top for a while as I think they look so pretty! This only cost £4.00 and is a size 10, and comes to my mid waist. I think this is so pretty for summer and would look lovely paired with anything from shorts to a maxi skirt.


This is my favourite bargain of the day. It should have been around £13.00 and I got it for £2.00 . No joke! I think it was just one of those items which  just kept getting reduced as there is nothing wrong with the dress at all. The cut of this is really flattering and very 1940’s. I got this in a size 10 and its a little tight around the chest so I’d defiantly recommend getting a size bigger as these are quite small fitting.


This lace top is also in a size 10 and cost £6.00. It’s a batwing style top and is very loosing fitting, I probably could have gotten away with getting an 8. I’m looking forward to pairing this with the jeans I bought for a cute casual look.


I got this because I think the style is so versatile, and I could probably pair this with most items in my wardrobe, and it was only £3.00!


All these shoes together cost £13.00! While Primark shoes don’t last more then a season, they’re so cheap they’re fab for mixing and matching. The nude and red pumps were £4.00 each and I got these for a change as I normally go for white pumps during the summer. The white lace pumps were £5.00 and just look so pretty!


I don’t normally wear pastels, but I’m trying to get things I don’t normally wear, as I’ve become far too comfy in jeans lately. Plus this was only £5.00 and so pretty. I’ll be wearing this when (if) the sun comes out!


A cute little bandeau top, to wear under my lace crop top. £2.50


I have a love/hate with Primark jeans. I love that these only cost £7.00 but I hate that I have to buy a size 14 to fit my hips, and they go baggy on my scrawny legs. The one thing that annoys me about Primark is their sizing, it seems to be all over the place. I’ve bought items in anything from a 6 to a 14, anyone else have this problem??

So that’s my little Primark haul, which is your favourite piece? How would you style them?

2 thoughts on “A Pretty Little Primark Haul

    1. I only just found it buried in other stuff, you know what Primark is like for presentation!

      I know I was so pleased with it, it’s such a lovely fit as well, very 1940’s!


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