Fresh Blog, Fresh Start

So this is a new blog, but I’m not new to blogging

I used to blog about two years ago over at , which was firstly named “The life and times of a fashion student” and later changed to “Polka Dot Teapot” after my little red teapot I bought on a trip to Nottingham. After a while stopped blogging for various reasons including being too busy. Eventually I set up my little business under the name Polka Dot Teapot (check it out! ) and started trading. I still wanted to blog, and set up a couple of sites on blogger but non of them ever felt “right”. I was never that bothered about the name and didn’t really connect with them or the layout. Polka Dot Teapot was the blog I loved, so I decided to combine both my business and blog under one name.

I was also getting sick of the blogger format, I get it to look presentable, and fore the most part I found it clumsy. So I’ve decided to give wordpress a go, and through I lot of trial and error today I’ve managed to get a layout etc I’m happy with 🙂 I know it needs a lot of work but I’m happy to see how I go with it.  Also I’ve managed to design and code my own social media buttons! Considering I need a childs help just to put a DVD on I’m quite proud of that achievement, feel free to say hi and leave me your links

As for blog content I’ve decided this is going to be a bit of everything, beauty, business ,fashion, craft books etc , pretty much anything and everything that makes me smile.

Thanks for popping over!

Laura x

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